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The mortgage world of today is a very different place. Professionalism has significantly deteriorated over the past few years and most consumers looking for a mortgage lender to advise them on how to properly plan a home purchase and mortgage strategy are left to fend for themselves. Far too many lenders fail to understand an important concept: A mortgage for most Americans is the single largest debt they will ever carry. With that in mind we have designed a slightly different approach to the traditional mortgage process. As professional mortgage bankers we seek to design and create mortgage programs that are customized to YOUR personal needs. Learn more about our team ➔


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Are you a mortgage professional looking to close 10+ purchase loans per month? Are you a growth-oriented professional looking to partner with an organization that embraces optimism?


Unlike on-line calculators and most mortgage lenders who want to plug you into a “formula”, we believe that YOU hold the answers to “what fits best” in terms of monthly payment, mortgage amount, purchase price and down payment options.  Our job is to help guide you with some critical questions and tools to help you uncover these answers.  First, we will spend time understanding your budget and your needs.  If you don’t have one, no problem!  We’ll help you from scratch.  We’ll then work with you to develop a home purchase plan that will help you determine a monthly payment that best fits your budget, and ultimately help you focus in on a specific price range for your home search.

My entire team embraces the fact that most people only go through the mortgage process a few times in their life.  We recognize that it can be stressful and confusing so we make it a point to make sure you are comfortable.  Our objective is to educate and empower you to make decisions.  We’ll help by first asking the right questions and help you to come up with the answers!

If you’re an existing homeowner looking for a new mortgage professional to help manage your mortgage, you’ve found the best!  Our Rate Watch strategies and Mortgage Checkup process will ensure you’re always in the best place for your ongoing and changing needs.

Finally, we want to make the experience professional but also enjoyable.  Having studied the best of the best in the service industry, we make it a point to try and surprise and delight our clients along the way


    Brian Kludt truly knows what it takes to deliver excellence in every area of his life. A consistent Top Producer and one of the country’s premier mortgage lenders, Brian is also a nationally known speaker and trainer and a major force in the national mortgage banking scene.
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    Much the way a Financial Planner would take into consideration your overall financial picture, Mortgage Planning involves an in-depth review of what is important to you and takes into consideration your short and long-term financial goals, and other important factors that can dictate the appropriate mortgage solution for your home financing needs.
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    Our principles represent the commitment we make to each client we are given an opportunity to serve. These principles have been established, affirmed, and are lived by each member of my very talented and very dedicated team.
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    Interest rates fluctuate, sometimes on a daily basis, and positioning of lenders in the marketplace also changes. Everyday we shop interest rates and discount points with a multitude of lenders across the county. As a Mortgage Banker we are also able to obtain the most competitive pricing and terms available in the market, which ensures that we are able to offer you the best overall price on a large variety of products. Our lending network makes comparison shopping easy. Not only can you skip checking rates with multiple banks and mortgage companies, but we help you select from among thousands of mortgages, the one that is right for you.
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    With the Brian Kludt Mortgage Team, you will discover an atmosphere of enthusiasm, a spirit of dedication and a great desire to build quality relationships. We are a premier residential mortgage lender helping families and individuals achieve their homeownership dreams

    A free consultation with one of our mortgage professionals can help you make an informed decision about your home financing. Contact us to get started today by calling (414) 409-3393 or visit our Contact Page ➔


With the Brian Kludt Mortgage Team, you will discover an atmosphere of enthusiasm, a spirit of dedication and a great desire to build quality relationships.

Waterstone Corporation is a premier residential mortgage lender helping families and individuals achieve their homeownership dreams.

Waterstone Mortgage attracts individuals who are the best and brightest in the industry, and our commitment to responsible lending ensures we offer products that are best for the consumer while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

“Brian’s commitment to each client’s individual financial goals is evident in his pro-active approach to mortgage strategy, education, and follow-through. I’m always at ease knowing that my client’s have the professional services of Brian and his team. It allows me to focus on what I do best!”

Linda Jung, RE/MAX Realty 100
Linda Jung, RE/MAX Realty 100Real Estate ProfessionalSee More Reviews

“We both really enjoyed working with Brian and the team! They were very helpful, informative, and calming through the entire process. They have great customer service and we will definitely recommend them to our friends in the future! Thanks so much.”

Hannah & Eric D.
Hannah & Eric D.Homeowners SEE MORE REVIEWS

“After multiple “false starts” with other, super-national mortgage firms, our family turned to Brian Kludt and his team of mortgage experts. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed an expedient and superb client experience with the Brian Kludt Mortgage Team. We identified with their attentiveness and overall pragmatic approach to our mortgage strategy. Brian and his associates can rely upon our advocacy for many years to come!”